Issue #1 - Capture imagination. Challenge convention.

Friend and philosopher Stanley Moss once wrote:

"A brand is a short-cut to an informed decision". 

Undoubtedly, brands today play an influential and deciding factor in our everyday choices ― from the products we buy and companies we work for, to the investments we make and causes we support. 

As social technology heightens conscientiousness ― empowering willingness to question intention, provenance, data and performance, like never before ― surely it's time consultants and practitioners (ourselves included) shoulder greater responsibility and accountability for process and outcomes. Agree, disagree? 

Beyond annual rankings of brand strength, reputation or monetary worth, what other measures should be used to evaluate contribution and value? What role should or could brand play in addressing differing political, economic and technological agendas? What about social and environmental impact? 

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing insight and analysis on Brand Accountability, along with actionable methodologies and tools to strategise, validate and measure True Brand Impact. 

In the meantime, join us in celebrating a handful of industrious and compassionate instigators of change ― brands from around the world that capture imagination by challenging convention.

Ramadan Kareem!