How to improve your organisation's understanding of brand

Leaders and CEOs are naturally optimistic about the commercial future for the Middle East and how, as representative brands, they can contribute to the growth of one of the most ambitious and progressive regions in the world.

Yet, following an initial investment of capital and resources, why do so many organisations still struggle to bring their brand to life? 

Whether government, public or private sector, the Brand Masterclass has been designed to resolve serious misalignment between branding and marketing, while delivering valuable insight into the complexities of organisational brand creation, transformation, and performance measurement. 

Driven by strategy, your brand derives from an in-depth understanding of people, the resolution of everyday tensions, and the authentic delivery of relevant and meaningfully connected experiences. Understanding and interpreting each of these components, the inter-relationships between them, and your reason-for-being, is why having a brand strategy has never mattered more. By openly sharing specialist knowledge and expert know-how, and revealing key imperatives towards ensuring sustainable and measurable results, participants are guaranteed to feel inspired, empowered and even more committed towards achieving shared goals, value and organisational success.

Utilising immersive workshop techniques, the Brand Masterclass has been designed specifically for leaders, executive directors, cross-functional department heads and senior managers. Masterclass participants can work within any public-sector or medium-to-large private-sector organisation, and will ideally have organisational or departmental leadership and senior management responsibility.