Introducing KUZU - indigenous Bhutanese handicrafts online.

I first wrote a little while back about my experiences in Bhutan — the small, beautiful and spiritual, landlocked country found in the Eastern Himalayas. Since my last visit, which was almost a year ago, Lhap Tshering, my official tour guide, and I have stayed in close contact.  

Thanks to the help and support of Shopify Asia, a patient support team at Google, and DHL in Thimphu, Lhap has created KUZU™ — arguably Bhutan's first online handicrafts store, or first store hosted on Shopify at least. 

KUZU™ is a social enterprise initiative, that aims to contribute to global awareness by promoting indigenous Bhutanese handicrafts, as well as proactively supporting the Kingdom's traditional arts education sector. More to follow over the coming weeks...

Bhutanese men and women have been making traditional arts, crafts, jewellery and textiles since the 8th century, and as anyone else who has visited the Land of the Thunder Dragon will know, craftsmanship is as much part of the culture as the beautiful surrounding landscape of the Himalayas.

Each-and-every artefact displayed on the website has been handmade and sourced from within Bhutan — then specially packaged and shipped from Lhap's newly opened shop in Paro. And, over the next few months, the KUZU™ team will be adding more handcrafted treasures, as well as sharing inspirational stories about people, customs, traditions and pastimes.

Stay tuned!