On Purpose

With a constant stream of new communication channels emerging, the real challenge for marketers is not just making sure their brand is present in each space but staying true to their brand purpose. 

A follow-up to Bold, the best-selling book which looked at what made cutting edge brands stand out, On Purpose, goes one step further and provides practical advice on how to achieve those same results successfully, over multiple channels.  Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan provide a framework for success, explaining how to:

  • Stand Up: be clear about brand purpose and promise;
  • Stand Out: define, design and deliver distinctive customer experiences across multiple channels;
  • Stand Firm: create strong cultures that sustain results.

They explain and define how to deliver "on purpose" experiences by using a case study, individual thought pieces by experts in the field, and a key action summary at the end of each chapter.

(Source: Amazon.com)

Employees are, similarly, looking to work for companies with whom they can share a common sense of purpose and derive dignity from their daily work, not just a pay cheque.
— Smith & Milligan