Privacy is dead, long live privacy.

If you've not yet seen the movie 'The Circle', I’d recommend first reading the novel. 

Thankfully, despite a failure to utilise Mr Hank's real talents, Dave Egger's provocative and highly topical narrative remained intact: Silicon Valley behemoth creates a prolific cult-like following, from which they leverage personal data to infiltrate every aspect of daily, no, minutiae life.

Sound familiar?

If, like me, you watched last week's "Special Event" in real time, take note: it was streamed directly to your device from Apple's monumental, “circular” architectural marvel in Southern California.

Now read the book. 

Facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, was anyone else left feeling a little scared? Excited, but scared.

Don't get me wrong — albeit with thumbs — I’m punching this post out on an iPhone 7 Plus, that’s already running iOS 11, and tethering data from another, slightly older, iPhone. And, once finished, I’ll try to aggregate the hell out of it. First, on our company blog via Squarespace, then IFTTT'd to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, alike. Bums, I might even put in on my own Instagram too. 

A couple of years back, during a tour of the Googleplex, I tried to guide the conversation with a Googler towards commoditised privacy. As you can imagine, I didn’t get very far then. “Stop. Privacy is dead!” he replied. That was the end of our chat; the discussion was non-negotiable.

Not that I’m that interesting but, if I were a character in The Circle I’d have well-and-truly sold my soul to the Devil. Quite literally. But that’s okay. Right? Or perhaps, like my chat in SanFran, there isn't a discussion to be had.

Anyway, nice talking to you.