Why the traditional brand consultancy model is at risk

Vimeo: 'Remote, Office Not Required' is the new book from the authors of New York Times bestseller, Rework. In stores October 29th.

With fewer roles requiring physical presence, and executive mobility on the rise, talented and passionate professionals certainly have more options available to them. Online platforms like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, and Fiverr.com are already disrupting the status quo. (Be inspired read: Make Money on Fiverr).

I believe this levelling of the playing field is already giving network branding firms something else to worry about.

Collaboration across specialisms and geographies ensures the best ideas and solutions are more easily discovered and shared. So what's to stop a well-coordinated "network consultant model" from emerging?

Building on an idea first introduced a few years ago by former colleague and friend, Peter Stimpson - then later re-inspired by the writings of Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen - I recently began to invest some serious thought into the feasibility of "remote brand team building".

As such, I've begun to structure my thoughts and develop a better understanding of the varying issues and pain-points consultants and clients face. As well as likely pit-falls and barriers to market too. 

Also, I've started researching into comparable platforms - which, unsurprisingly, has provided great insight. As well as amusement. Evaluating pre-existing collaboration and crowdfunding platforms, transferable technology and other "remote working" start-up ideas.

More to follow...