Why does brand strategy matter?

People choose to engage with brands that create positive and measurable human outcomes – purchasing products, seeking employment and proactively supporting organisations committed to making the world a better place. 

#WorthWatching: Official Trailer for The Naked Brand (via Vimeo)

In this ever-changing world, people continue to demand more-and-more from the products and services they buy, companies they work for, funds they invest in, and leaders who represent them. Today's stakeholder is more conscientious than ever of the implications their decisions will have on the world; commanding improved transparency, clear accountability and reliable, up-to-the-second omni-channel information.

This cultural preoccupation has fuelled a global movement, where successful organisations are those who have quickly moved away from 'branding something' to actually 'standing for something'. No longer positioning offerings around ‘what they do’, many brands now apply dedicated focus and holistic meaning to justifying ‘why they exist’ and their purpose.

One of the things I am convinced of, using the power of brand as a convening force for the power of good within the private sector.
— Ronan Dunne, CEO O2

#WorthWatching: Shaun Smith co-author of "On Purpose", outlines common misconceptions about Brand Purpose. 

This phenomenon has forced the role and utility of brand to climb further up the leadership agenda – with brand quickly being recognised as an integrated tool for effective decision-making and organisational alignment. Today, brand is appreciated the world over as an actionable imperative for not only achieving measurable success but also for ensuring competitive survival.

Driven by strategy, brand derives from an in-depth understanding of people, the resolution of everyday tensions, and the authentic delivery of relevant and meaningfully connected experiences. Understanding and interpreting each of these components, the inter-relationships between them, and your reason-for-being, is why brand strategy has never mattered more.