Together builds a better brand.

Introducing purpose-led brand strategy, transformation and sustainability.



Who are we?

Based in the Middle East, 85Fifteen is a sustainable branding company. Utilising social technology, we co-create better brands ― delivering innovative consultancy services to government, public and private sector organisations around the world.


What do we do?


We help clients achieve sustainable growth. We do this by translating purpose-led strategies and authentic human stories into meaningful, measurable and lasting brand experiences.


Brand Strategy & Identity

Enhancing opportunities  through an investment in purpose-led strategy and identity alignment ― driving  innovation, increasing bottom line value and sustainable growth.


Transformation Management

Formation and implementation of dedicated tools and processes ― empowering stakeholders to embrace new concepts by demonstrating on-brand actions, behaviours and communications.


Sustainability Consulting

Bridging the gap between achieving contemporary goals and protecting future interests ― measuring true brand effectiveness against social, environmental and economical impact.


Training & Education

Focused towards embedding your brand throughout the entire organisation, top-down. Co-creating new ideas and contextualising tangible benefits for building a unique brand culture.



How do we do it?


We leverage from combined expertise across almost every geography and industry. From government, charity and non-profit; to aviation, pharmaceutical, and energy.


Why do we do it?

We believe better branding leads to a more sustainable future.


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Our three-day programme has been specifically designed to help deliver sustainable and measurable brand transformation success. 

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Whether registering a trademark or a trade-name, maintaining distinctiveness and exclusivity is key towards taking ownership of place and purpose.

Driven by purpose, a great brand derives from an in-depth understanding of people, the resolution of everyday tensions, and delivery of an authentic brand experience.